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We consult with business leaders and entrepreneurs to help them create cutting edge eLearning courses for their own businesses.

Electronic learning, better known as eLearning, is the online delivery of training via digital resources e.g websites, webinars, social media & video etc. eLearning is most often provided through electronic devices such as phones, computers, and tablets making it simple for online users to engage and learn from any location, at any time and in a convenient manner.

Can you implement eLearning into your business? Ask your self two simple questions to begin with… Do you have enough knowledge skills and wisdom to share on a topic, service or product? And is there enough demand for this knowledge?

If your answer is yes, then you have the potential to create and incorporate eLearning into an online product that you can offer and incorporate into your revenue streams.

This is where Van Diemen Digital can assist you. We build stunning, mobile, tablet and desktop responsive courses that are designed to educate, inform and engage your target audience.

We provide SCORM & TinCan xAPI files for any Articulate Rise compliant Learning Management Systems.

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